Logbook Servicing

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty that covers the cost of parts failures. This warranty is only valid if you have the vehicle periodically serviced by a certified mechanic, who records and stamps these services in your vehicle’s logbook.

Here at Berwick Motor Works our mechanics can help you with all petrol and diesel vehicles.


Here at Berwick Motor Works we are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for European and all other makes and models, which enables us to perform all diagnostics and fault finding in house, from regular passenger vehicles to all European petrol and diesel models.

Our team are also specialists at programming and coding BMW control units, including service data entry and resets.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Diesel particulate filters capture excess particulate and soot from diesel vehicles, providing cleaner emissions. The issue is that sometimes the buildup in soot and particulate will eventually block the filter and could cause damage to the engine. Diesel vehicles without operating particulate filters are also not considered roadworthy.

Here at Berwick Motor Works, our expert team can clean out your diesel particulate filter and have your vehicle operating and back on the road in no time.

Roadworthy Inspections

If you are planning on selling or otherwise transferring ownership of a vehicle, you must first obtain a roadworthy certificate, issued by a licensed Vicroads tester. The roadworthy certificate, issued after your vehicle passes a series of thorough tests and inspections, ensures that the vehicle is safe to be driven on Victorian roads.

When you’re considering buying a secondhand vehicle, we would recommend bringing it in for a pre-purchase inspection. The pre-purchase inspection ensures that you know exactly what you’re buying, and helps you avoid any nasty surprises.

Here at Berwick Motor Works, we are fully licensed testers, able to provide roadworthy inspections, and we are always happy to help out with pre-purchase inspections.

Cooling Systems

If your cooling system is malfunctioning, it can reduce power, fuel efficiency, and even engine lifespan.

Here at Berwick Motor Works, our skilled team of mechanics can help you with:

  • Radiator/heater unit repairs and replacement
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Coolant flush and leak checks
  • Thermostat check and replacement

Brake Repairs

Your brakes are the most important safety feature your vehicle has. While other safety systems mitigate the severity of an accident, your brakes can also act in a preventative manner, and the condition of your brakes can often be the difference between an accident and an emergency stop.

Berwick Motor Works provides the following services:

  • All brake repairs
  • Brake disc machining
  • Brake fluid flushing

Other Services

We offer a comprehensive automotive repair service here at Berwick Motor Works, including, but not limited to:

  • Clutch repairs and replacement
  • Engine repairs
  • Transmission repairs
  • Steering and suspension repairs and servicing
  • Auto electrical repairs
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